Since 2019, the E-MTB (electrically assisted bicycle) has been included in the UCI MTB World Championships programme. With a physical and demanding course, the riders will have to optimally combine their technical skills with their assistance in order to succeed! 

The organisation of the UCI E-Mountain Bike (E-MTB) World Championships this summer demonstrates the strong support for the development of electrically assisted cycling in sport and society. The E-MTB is accessible and entertaining for both riders and spectators. 

The 2022 World Championships will be held on a 2.6 km course. The bikes will have a maximum continuous power rating of 250 watts, with an assistance limit of 25 km/h, and it will be forbidden to change bikes or batteries during the race. 

In terms of tracks, a new track dedicated to E-MTBs will be created on the Chavannes side, with a circuit that alternates between long sections of steep and physical climbs and difficult and technical descents that will allow riders to make the most of their electric assistance. 

Technical details 

  • Start/finish altitude: 1,165 m 
  • Max altitude: 1,342 m 
  • Distance: 2.6 km 
  • Positive elevation gain: 125 metres per lap 
  • Nature of the land: 35% undergrowth, 65% mountain pastures 

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